Midtown Medical Imaging provides the highest quality MRI equipment available in a clinical setting and is accredited by the American College of Radiology.  This accreditation ensures our patients and physicians get the level of detail and image quality that is associated with accurate outcomes.

Non-Hospital Affiliate

Midtown Medical Imaging is a privately owned company with no affiliations to any hospitals. Therefore, patient’s out of pocket costs are typically 3-5 cheaper than the hospital owned/affiliated imaging centers throughout DFW. Midtown Medical Imaging provides the highest quality images at the most affordable prices.

Superior Standards

Midtown Medical Imaging has a proven history of superior operational and customer service abilities. We have been ranked as one of the top MRI centers in the world.

One Of A Kind

Midtown Medical Imaging is currently the only outpatient imaging center in the region to offer this advanced diagnostic system. In the past, the 3T MRI’s capabilities were only possible at academic research centers, but are now available in an outpatient setting.


Midtown Medical Imaging

Midtown Medical Imaging


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